Why should you care about mental models?
A mental model is a representation of an external reality inside your head—a kind of cognitive map. The purpose of mental models is to gain and understand knowledge about the world through key multidisciplinary concepts. The closer you get your cognitive process (the way your brain approaches a problem) to reality, the better the decisions you’ll make in life.

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Correlation and Causation


Two things happening at the same time is correlation while one causing the other to change is causation.

Reason Respecting Tendency


Asking questions can help us reason more and gain better understanding of things around us.



A giving up of one thing in return for another. The goal is to find the tradeoff which will produce the most desirable outcomes.



By using a lever, you can amplify the input force. Think of a see-saw.

Tragedy of the Commons


When a set of individuals act in their own self-interest by depleting common resources.