A multidisciplinary approach to critical, clear & independent thinking.
A mental model is a representation of an external reality inside your head—a kind of cognitive map. The purpose of mental models is to gain and understand knowledge about the world through key multidisciplinary concepts. The closer you get your cognitive process (the way your brain approaches a problem) to reality, the better the decisions you’ll make in life.

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A single chemical reaction can go through autocatalysis if the reaction product itself is a catalyst for that initial chemical reaction.

Red Queen Effect


As entities continue to propagate, they must adapt, evolve and populate to simply survive in their environment.



Something of value, but upon receiving it in abundance the value is decreased.

Bayes Theorem


The probability of an event based on the conditions known beforehand which could be related to the event.

Elasticity Of Demand


A measure of a commodity’s demand as its abundance increases or decreases.

Standard Deviation


A measure of variation between a set of values.

Evolution By Natural Evolution


Organisms with the most effective and desired traits for survival have the most success when reproducing.

Costs — Opportunity, Sunk, Relevant and Marginal


Something’s cost is the payment required to obtain it. In economics, there are a variety of costs that can be assessed.

Wealth Effect


As people make more money, they tend to spend more money.

Back-up Systems & Redundancy


Don’t put all your eggs in one basket, be prepared with another plan.