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About Wise Charlie

The project's core mission is to spread the awareness of mental models which can be used for critical thinking. Wise Charlie has extracted big ideas from big disciplines to help ask better questions and broaden our thinking for both personal and professional reasons.

The project was inspired by the work of Charlie Munger. He is known for his Latticework of Mental Models. If you want to think broadly, start using multi-disciplinary approach to critical thinking.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are mental models?
Mental models are multidisciplinary, problem-solving techniques. They can be applied in any setting, at school, in your career, and life in general, too. These big ideas from big disciplines teach you how to approach a problem from a broad perspective. Mental model is a toolkit in your back pocket. Equipped with only one tool, you only know what to do when approaching a nail. Don't be the person with the hammer who thinks every problem looks like a nail, use mental model techniques to find answers instead.

Why should you care to learn mental models?
Mental models will broaden your thinking so that you can make wise and informed decisions. Modern education systems hinder students when it comes to approaching problems from a broad, multidisciplinary perspective. Mental Models will help you gain that perspective and a basis for broad rational thinking.

How does Wise Charlie help me with critical thinking?
Wise Charlie is a deck of 100 mental model flashcards. Each card sets out a concept or idea from varying disciplines along with a concise definition, a humorous example and an illustration. Mental models are concepts, a way to think about things. Learning mental models means that you can train your brain to think in a multifaceted way, something that education providers don’t always cover. By learning key concepts from big disciplines, such as, psychology, math, biology, and economics, you will amass knowledge that can be applied in many situations. Wise Charlie is here to help you invest in yourself – swim in the metaphoric ocean where big ideas belong, not in the pond with the small ideas and fish!

Why only 100 mental models?
As Charlie Munger says, “You may say, ‘My God, this is already getting way too tough.’ But, fortunately, it isn’t that tough ‑ because 80 or 90 important models will carry about 90% of the freight in making you a worldly wise person.” We've sourced models from major disciplines that are important and will help you carry 90% of the freight.

How can I purchase mental models?
You can purchase a deck of cards by visiting shopping page here. All shipping details are indicated at the bottom of the page.

Can I place an order for a bulk order?
Sure. You can contact the project owner at heywisecharlie@gmail.com.