Use mental models to feed your curious brain.

Mental models are big ideas from big disciplines, like business, psychology, science, & engineering. An understanding of the key concepts from these multi-disciplinary topics will teach you to become an independent thinker and help you ask the right questions.

Be Wise. Be like Charlie.

Independent thinking matters!

A mental model is a representation of an external reality inside your head—a kind of cognitive map. The purpose of mental models is to gain and understand knowledge about the world through key multidisciplinary concepts—something schools don't teach. The closer you get your cognitive processes (the way your brain approaches a problem) to reality, the better the decisions you’ll make in life.

Academic structure, by and large, discourages training your brain from a multidisciplinary approach. If you want to be a world-class thinker, you must develop a mind that can jump boundaries from one discipline to another.


100 mental models

Each card has a short & simple definition of a model with a funny example. Use them like flash cards — either to play, practice or laugh as you make wise decisions!

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In-depth analysis

Read more in-depth analysis about each mental model. These models are applicable to teachers, students, parents and professionals.

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